Wholesaling Consulting


30 minutes – $50.00 USD

60 minutes – $75.00 USD

Wholesaling is a real estate investment strategy in which you as an investor can with little money out of pocket control property at a deeply discounted price to sell the asset (which is the property) or the contract at a profit. You as the wholesaler are the contract vendee, which is a transaction that the seller by contract transfers beneficial rights, including the right of possession and obligations of ownership, to the purchaser and agrees to close at a future date under definite terms. Our coaches can walk you through the process of multiple wholesale transactions, negotiations with your buyer for the purchase of multiple properties with little money out of your pocket.

ASK YOUR COACH: After speaking with a coach related to your transactions you can obtain a coach for multiple transactions. For a one-time transaction Review & Structure Go to Deal Scenario Submission.

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